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    Castle Lifts Elevator Company is the world’s leading manufacturer, installer and maintainer of elevators,escalators and moving walkways.

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    Castle Lifts is committed to maintain a standard of quality of its products and of its resources in accordance with the certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 provided by TÜV SÜD mark.

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    astlelifts success is the belief in the principles of honesty, quality, and quick response, which ultimately leads to customer satisfaction.

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    Castle lifts is one of the major lift trade leader and provide the right choice of the complete system or individual components, according with customers requirements.

Castle-Lifts For Elevators & Moving Systems

We are the exclusive MEA distributors for Castle-lifts Elevators & Escalators Co.. The Elevator & Moving Systems Division supplies, installs and maintains the following products of CASTLE-LIFTS Elevator brand.


Passenger : Safe, reliable elevator transport of passengers utilizing advanced, microcomputer technology, the Di Series distributes microprocessors with IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) design to the elevator main controller, elevator car top, car operating panel, and hall operating stations. Throughout the network, micro-computer modules monitor all elements of system performance.

Observation: Adds beauty to the building by the various kinds of standard decoration patterns are provided to customers for option. Non standard design can also be provided as per the customer’s requirements.

Hydraulic: Uses hydraulic oil as a medium for running the elevator.

Freight: Castle-Lifts is committed to manufacturing freight elevators in all sizes, capacities and finishes to handle every factory, warehouse and industrial job in the best possible and efficient manner.

Hospital: Fully equipped with all the basic functions required for a hospital elevator.

MRL (Machine Room Less): Space saving as there is no need for separate machine room. Adopts gearless machine with permanent magnet synchronous motor with VVVF Control with intelligent power module

Dumbwaiter: a small elevator used to transport food, books, and other items between floors of a building.


Escalator 30 and 35 degree: new generation escalator, with self- diagnosing function and advanced safety system with robust design & globally acceptable certification standards.

Moving Walk: Horizontal Walk Way offers features similar to that of escalators. 

We have a team of technically qualified and trained personnel numbering about 600, composed of Engineers, Technicians, Mechanics, and Office staff. We have been able to compete and make a name in the Lebanese market. With a ‘customer first’ attitude, it has further ensured that we remain the first choice of a large no. of discerning customers.

With our company name, we are making a firm commitment for quality, safety, and service.



Elevator Design: Luxury Custom Elevator Doors & Panel, Home & Commercial Glass Elevators

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Elevator Design: Luxury Custom Elevator Doors Panel, Home Commercial Glass Elevators

A lift shaft made of bronze and glass runs through all four storeys of the home, hidden inside the spiral staircase

Modern Interiors Design, Luxury Homes Interior, Spirals Staircases, Home Interiors, Stairs Light, Staircases Design, Modern Interior Design, Modern Staircases, Spiral Staircases

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A lift shaft made of bronze and glass runs through all four storeys of the home, hidden inside the spiral staircaseA temple to modern interior design: Former ZALKA church converted into a luxury home complete with gym, pool and sauna Church was built on a plot of land bought in 1837 , It is now a seven-bedroom home split over four storeys Has a lift made of bronze and glass that is hidden inside spiral staircase

loving the stair lighting

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