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    Castle Lifts Elevator Company is the world’s leading manufacturer, installer and maintainer of elevators,escalators and moving walkways.

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    Castle Lifts is committed to maintain a standard of quality of its products and of its resources in accordance with the certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 provided by TÜV SÜD mark.

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    astlelifts success is the belief in the principles of honesty, quality, and quick response, which ultimately leads to customer satisfaction.

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    Castle lifts is one of the major lift trade leader and provide the right choice of the complete system or individual components, according with customers requirements.

Traction Machine with PM Motor (PM motor: Permanent magnet motor)
The joint-lapped core built into the PM motor of the traction machine features flexible joints. The iron core acts like a hinge, which allows coils to be wound around the core more densely, resulting in improved motor efficiency and compactness. A high-density magnetic field is produced, enabling lower use of energy and resources and reduced CO2 emissions.

Super High-rise Rope Mechanics
Mitsubishi Electric’s new sfleX-rope™ comprising bundles of high-intensity steel wire strands, each covered with plastic, offers higher intensity than conventional rope for safe operation despite the greater weight of longer ropes. Each wire has a higher density and wider cross-sectional area than conventional rope, which helps to reduce rope stretching caused when passengers step into the elevator.

The sfleX-rope™ is a trademark of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.
Active Roller Guide* (Optional)
The amount of lateral vibration generated by high-speed elevator cars is tremendous. As a world’s first innovation in the industry, Mitsubishi Electric’s Active Roller Guide technology reduces this vibration by approximately 50%. It works via an accelerometer that detects car vibration during operation, along with actuators that cancel the vibration through a controlled electromagnetic force. Mitsubishi Electric Active Roller Guides ensure a more comfortable ride than elevators employing conventional roller guides.

Active Roller Guide
  * Please consult our local agents for details.
Devices that Use Less Energy
LED Lighting (Optional)
Used for ceiling lights and hall lanterns, LEDs boost the overall energy performance of the building. Furthermore, a long service life eliminates the need for frequent lamp replacement.

Advantages of LEDs

Maximizing Operational Efficiency and Minimizing Energy Consumption
Energy-Saving Operation -Allocation Control (ESO-W) (∑AI-2200C only)
This system selects the elevator in a group that best balances operational efficiency and energy consumption. Priority is given to operational efficiency during peak hours and energy efficiency during non-peak hours.

Through a maximum 10% reduction in energy consumption compared to our conventional system, this system allows building owners to cut energy costs without sacrificing passenger convenience.
Emergency Situations
To ensure passenger safety, our elevators are equipped with functions in case of a power failure, fire or earthquake.

Power failure Mitsubishi Emergency Landing Device (MELD) (Optional)
Upon power failure, a car automatically moves to the nearest floor using a rechargeable battery to facilitate the safe evacuation of passengers.
Operation by Emergency Power Source — Automatic/Manual (OEPS) (Optional)
Upon power failure, predetermined car(s) use a building’s emergency power supply to move to a specified floor and open the doors for passengers to evacuate. After all cars have arrived, the predetermined cars will resume normal operation.
Fire Fire Emergency Return (FER) (Optional)
When a key switch or the building’s fire sensor is activated, all cars immediately return to a specified floor and open the doors to facilitate the safe evacuation of passengers.
Firefighters’ Emergency Operation (FE) (Optional)
When the fire operation switch is activated, the car immediately returns to a predetermined floor. The car then responds only to car calls, which facilitates firefighting and rescue operations.
Earthquake Earthquake Emergency Return (EER-P/EER-S) (Optional)
When a primary and/or secondary wave seismic sensor is activated, all cars stop at the nearest floor and park there with the doors open to facilitate the safe evacuation of passengers.

For Safe Boarding
Door Safety Devices
Our reliable safety devices ensure that the doors are clear to open and close. Depending on the type of sensor, the detection area differs.

Door safety devices


Group Control Systems: ∑AI-22 and ∑AI-2200C
∑AI-22 and ∑AI-2200C control multiple elevators optimally according to the building size.

Forecasting a Near-future Hall Call to Reduce Long Waits (∑AI-2200C only)
Cooperative Optimization Assignment
When a hall call is registered, the algorithm predicts near-future calls that could require long waits. Through evaluation of the registered hall call and the forecasted call, the best car is assigned. All cars work cooperatively for optimum operation.

Destination Oriented Prediction System: DOAS-S (∑AI-2200C only) (Optional)
Allocating Passengers to Cars Depending on Destination Floors
When a passenger enters a destination floor at a hall, the hall operating panel immediately indicates which car will serve the floor. Because the destination floor is already registered, the passenger does not need to press a button in the car.
Furthermore, dispersing passengers by destination prevents congestion in cars and minimizes waiting and traveling time.
(Car destination floor indicator can be installed on the car operating panel to display floors to stop.*1)

 [Example of hall arrangement without hall lantern *2 ]

 [Advantages of DOAS at Hall]

*1: Car destination floor indicator can be installed as an option.
*2: Hall arrangement with hall lantern is available as an option.

Elevator Information Display* (10.4- or 15-inch)
The cutting-edge LCD display delivers elevator information with stereoscopic direction arrows and animated pictures, and entertains the passengers with DVD playback/television (NTSC/PAL).

Select the best color from four popular and eye-catching background colors.
Standard elevator information, and date and time are available in English (US or UK), Chinese, Spanish, French or Japanese.


* Please consult our local agents for the production terms, etc.
IT Solutions
Elevator Monitoring and Control System: MelEye
MelEye closely observes the operational status of elevators that handle continually changing passenger traffic.
This allows building managers to rapidly respond to changing traffic patterns, thus optimizing the performance of elevators and maximizing the added value of the whole building. The application of the latest network technology has also greatly increased the number of controllable elevators, which minimizes the cost spent on facilities such as supervisory rooms and monitors.
MelEye is our solution to futuristic building traffic monitoring systems.

[Monitoring screens]
MelEye's user-friendly screen shows the detailed operational status of the elevators in real time.

[Statistical information]
The past fault logs of the elevators and escalators are recorded in addition to the operation logs of the computer.

Monitoring screens
Statistical information

[Remote control / Scheduling of special operations]
A computer allows remote control of special and emergency operations.

Remote control / Scheduling of special operations

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