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Bonex - HF2P3 "Home lift" Hydraulic car frame with minimum tecnical pit = 200m

The P3 hydraulic "home lift" is a discreet and compact solutions for residential or household needs as it allows a discrete installation and requires reduced spaces, making it ideal for the inside of country houses or large houses, but also in small houses and for any residential service, with the ability to perform up to 20m stroke with a static load of 300kg.
Comes with various accessories such as safety slackening rope switch, oilers, buffers, shoes, rope clamp and so many other, our standard includes a car frame equipped with all its accessories, for special requests you may ask the exclusion of some components. The quality and reliability of our car frame are guaranteed thanks to the use of modern production systems such as, 3D CAD design software, laser cutting with a high-quality surface finish, treatment of cataphoresis with epoxy resin, which ensures a high resistance to corrosion and to external agents.


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